Svebo Möbler Luleå

When quality and service matters!


Svebo Möbler in Luleå was founded 1978 and is Luleås oldest furniture store and it is located on Hällbruksgatan, Örnäset Luleå. 

Right now we are preparing the store for a reopening where we will have a completley new and broad set of furniture. During the autum and winter we have been visiting and scouting diffrent furniture fairs and suppliers to be able to ensure that we can offer the very best in furniture and furnishings.

We will be able to offer you everything between sofas and beds, tables and chairs,  carpets and beddings, scented candles and blankets. Everything you could possibly need to make your home perfect! Can't find what you are looking for? No problem, we will not stop looking for suppliers until we find the perfect product for you. 

If we count the products available  for order, we have more than 10 000 products to choose from. We are the personal store where you as a customer means everything to us. To give our customers the best service is central to our business concept.

Keep track of the website and social media for the date of our reopening!

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